Matt Soumi, a submissive piss and cum slave from Paris

Matt Soumi piss and cum slut

Meet Matt Soumi, an 38-year-old slave from Paris (France). He’s a true oral slut who loves to submit to hung and dominant men. Matt’s mouth is always ready to be used by horny guys.

He lets men use his slutty mouth in whatever way they want. Some guys use Matt for a rough face-fuck before they shoot their big cum loads deep inside his throat.

This dirty boy from Paris loves to swallow whatever they feed him. He swallows spit and cum and uses his mouth to clean dirty sneakers.

Drinking piss is his biggest turn-on though! Dominant French guys with juicy uncut cocks use Matt as a personal urinal. Sometimes, he’s restrained and being forced to drink urine.

The videos in which he drinks piss from two or more guys are some of his best vids. He’s a thirsty piss pig who simply can’t get enough! He often visits public restrooms to find guys who let him drink their warm piss.

In many of his videos, Matt Soumi submits to Arab Masters. These aggressive and dominant Arabs show no mercy as they use and abuse Matt in whichever way they want.

They force him to lick their feet clean and shove their thick, circumcised Arab dicks deep down his throat.

They slap his face and force him to drink their piss without spilling a drop. Some even save their precious piss in bottles, which they empty in his slut mouth.

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Mr. Herst abuses a big-dicked student

Adam Herst dominates and fucks a student

Mister Adam Herst fucks Doug Acre

Mr. Herst is a tough hot teacher, who doesn’t take any bull from his students. As Mr. Adam Herst is explaining the course outline, the class jock, Doug Acre is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor.

Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst bends the boy over his knee, playing with his hole and giving him the paddling he deserves.

Once more Doug is bent over the teacher’s desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight hole. Doug is flipped over on his back and gets fucked so hard he cums all over himself. Seeing Doug’s hot load pushes Mr. Herst to the edge and he finishes the big-dicked jock off with a load dripping on his face.

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Bondage House Call with Morgan Black and Blake Daniels

Bondage House Call

Morgan Black dominates and fucks Blake Daniels

Blake Daniels has a session planned with a hot daddy and he’s pretty nervous about it. When he answers the door to find Morgan Black, he’s put in his place immediately. Morgan makes Blake strip down and worship the master’s boots and leather jock.

When Blake grows too eager Morgan drags him by the ear to the kitchen and explains to him the finer points of BDSM as he ties Blake to a chair and makes him suck his cock. Next Morgan flogs Blake harder than he’s ever taken it before.

As a reward, Morgan fucks Blake’s ass where he stands. Tied down to the bed Morgan gives Blake the electric butt plug causing him to squirm and flex in the bed. Blake proved himself once more and gets another hard fuck from the Master including a load on his face.

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Jessie Colter welcomes new Master Alan Ladd

Alan Ladd fucks Jessie Colter

Jessie Colter welcomes Alan Ladd

The new dom of the house, Alan Ladd is a sexy hairy muscle daddy with a fat cock. He approaches his house slave, Jessie Colter, tied to the wall. The master rips off the boy’s clothes and uses the crop to beat him into submission.

After sucking his master’s throbbing cock, Jessie endures a heavy flogging and is fucked in suspension. The master tests his slave’s endurance, tickling his feet as the boy holds a weight attached to a clothespin zipper on his own chest.

This is Jessie’s first zipper and he’s very nervous about it. Jessie’s screams turn to moans as the master fucks the cum out of him and finishes off his slave spraying a big load all over his face.

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Master Avery torments his boy slave Troy Daniels

Master Avery fucks Troy Daniels

Master Avery torments and fucks his boy

Hung Master Avery walks into the session and finds Troy Daniels naked and tied up to the bondage ladder. Avery slaps the boy’s hard cock and works him into submission.

Troy endures the zipper and the flogger. Avery straps the boy to the suspended metal grate.

Zapped in the thighs with electricity, Troy moans as Avery shoves the electric butt plug up his tight hole. After a hard fucking, the master sprays his load all over the boy’s face.

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A Terrorist Attack | Gay War Games

A Terrorist Attack

The day almost draws to a night when Kostja and Ahmed go through the hardest time in their young lives. Naked and tied they were dragged outside and commanded to suck the group of soldiers<. They suffer a lot… especially Kostja.

This shy and silent boy didn’t even shower together with the other boys in school because he didn’t want somebody to see him naked. He feels extremely humiliated and degraded.

Ahmed, who has already been imprisoned one time before, knows that he just has to obey. And to hope for all to be over soon. To humiliate those two wannabe-terrorists even more the soldiers let them lick their dirty, heavy boots. Then they start to fuck the boys.

This could all be bearable for the prisoners. But they have no idea of what will happen to them next. Will they have a fair trial? Or what will the Army do with them? But they have no time to think about it.

The soldiers want more. They want to see their cum shots. Both boys are commanded to jerk off. Ahmed needs a whole while to get hard but he finally manages to shoot his load. Kostja has more problems. Even though he tries very hard his body is betraying him.

The soldiers start to call him names and bully him. After a while, the soldiers get ordered back into the barrack. Both boys were left alone. Still naked and tied. A special punishment.


Unfortunately, Gay War Games has closed down!



Adrian abuses straight lad Toby | Breeder Fuckers

Adrian abuses Toby

At Breeder Fuckers, straight football lad Toby is slowly stripped naked and bent over the pervy man’s knee for a spanking. His dick is so sensitized to cruel kinky treatment that being bound and used instantly gets his prick very stiff.

His tight warm asshole is revealed and rubbed. Adrian slides a wet digit up Toby’s hole and then holds his finger up Toby’s nose so he can get a whiff of the strong animal smell of his own sphincter. He’s trussed up on a block with his bum in the air and penetrated with a dildo on a stick lubed up with his own spittle.

Leaving the dildo firmly up his hole Adrian kicks the block so it slides in as deep as possible and stretches this straight fucker’s ass wide open! Toby has no other choice than undergo the abuse. His tight boy hole gets destroyed… that’s for sure!

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Abusing straight boy Bryan

Straight boy Bryan abused

Athletic, muscular and handsome, this straight young lad thinks very highly of himself. It’s time to bring him down to earth by demonstrating what a foul beast he really is.  Bryan is given a stern lesson in dog training where he must demean himself crawling naked across the floor on the sensitive tips of his elbows and knees.

Dave inserts a buttplug up his arse so he feels every movement deep in his arse as he lumbers painfully across the floor. Whenever he pushes it out of his hole Dave gives his butt a sharp whack with the paddle to drive it back in.

Nick arrives on the scene to admire what a fine pup Dave is parading around. He kindly gives the dog his thick cock to suck on while Dave fucks his widened arsehole. Panting and thoroughly debased Bryan is covered in his master’s fresh spunk.

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