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A Terrorist Attack

The day almost draws to a night when Kostja and Ahmed go through the hardest time in their young lives. Naked and tied they were dragged outside and commanded to suck the group of soldiers<. They suffer a lot… especially Kostja.

This shy and silent boy didn’t even shower together with the other boys in school because he didn’t want somebody to see him naked. He feels extremely humiliated and degraded.

Ahmed, who has already been imprisoned one time before, knows that he just has to obey. And to hope for all to be over soon. To humiliate those two wannabe-terrorists even more the soldiers let them lick their dirty, heavy boots. Then they start to fuck the boys.

This could all be bearable for the prisoners. But they have no idea of what will happen to them next. Will they have a fair trial? Or what will the Army do with them? But they have no time to think about it.

The soldiers want more. They want to see their cum shots. Both boys are commanded to jerk off. Ahmed needs a whole while to get hard but he finally manages to shoot his load. Kostja has more problems. Even though he tries very hard his body is betraying him.

The soldiers start to call him names and bully him. After a while, the soldiers get ordered back into the barrack. Both boys were left alone. Still naked and tied. A special punishment.


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Soldier Gregor abuses Sascha

Gregor abuses Sascha

The hook is attached to the ceiling. Leather chains fix the legs to it. His ass is exposed and in a very vulnerable position. The soldier already fingered him. He made him suck his giant cock.

And now? Will he fuck him? Sascha is full of fear but he appears apathetic at the same time. The soldier enjoys his helpless catch in every way. He adores his juvenile looks, his cute but still slightly defined body.

The situation is tense now. Gregor kneels down in front of the guy´s ass. He tries to slowly penetrate his prisoner but as Sascha struggles he fiercely pushes his dick deep inside. The boy wants to scream but his mouth is gagged with his own underwear.

Only moans and groans fill the air. Then the soldier starts to fuck. First slow, then fast and finally like a madman. The fuck goes on for several minutes. Suddenly the soldier stands up. He frees Sascha from the gag. “Open your mouth. And don´t dare to close it!” Gregor shoots his massive load all over the face and mouth of the tied guy.

What a relief. Now he wants his prisoner to cum. He starts to jerk him. Sascha tries to not get a hard-on but his body betrays him. He gets milked and his cum is spread over his own body. The soldier locks him into the cell and leaves.


Unfortunately, Gay War Games is no longer in business

Captured, abused and fucked by Soldiers

Fear fills the room. They hoped that the gang-blow job might satisfy their captors. But now they go for their asses.

First, they pick Jeff. The dark-colored guy seems to be the perfect start. With his cute, slim body he attracted Becko in the very beginning.

They spread his butt cheeks and spit into the virgin hole. Their greedy hands touch every muscle, every hair around his private parts.

Then a rude push, a short but loud moan, and Becko is inside. Jeff has to bend over and with pain in his face, he has to allow every soldier to go for his ass.

A long and intense fuck scenery starts. Sebastian and Ralph are tied together with ropes and unable to move while they have to watch their mate getting gang-fucked.

They think about escaping from the room but the ropes are tight and the soldiers keep their eyes on them. They feel sorry for Jeff but still, they hope that the soldiers will cum on their mate and that the torment will be over soon.

Will they leave this room straight and as ass- virgins or will they be just sluts once the soldiers are done with them? So many questions and worries.

Then Mecko approaches them putting his cock again into Ralph´s mouth. “Suck it!” and one more time they see Jeff in another painful and humiliating position. How long is this about to go on?

Then suddenly they untie the two boys and grab Sebastian. He knows what is going to happen right now. They bring him into a doggy-style position and start to fuck the humble boy fiercely.


Unfortunately, Gay War Games is no longer in business