Adam Herst dominates and fucks a student

Mister Adam Herst fucks Doug Acre

Mr. Herst is a tough hot teacher, who doesn’t take any bull from his students. As Mr. Adam Herst is explaining the course outline, the class jock, Doug Acre is daydreaming about his new sexy and strict professor.

Doug is tied to a chair as his muscled professor takes out his big throbbing cock and shoves it down Doug’s throat. Mr. Herst bends the boy over his knee, playing with his hole and giving him the paddling he deserves.

Once more Doug is bent over the teacher’s desk as Mr. Herst slams his hard cock deep in Doug’s tight hole. Doug is flipped over on his back and gets fucked so hard he cums all over himself. Seeing Doug’s hot load pushes Mr. Herst to the edge and he finishes the big-dicked jock off with a load dripping on his face.

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Mr. Herst abuses a big-dicked student
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