Adrian abuses Toby

At Breeder Fuckers, straight football lad Toby is slowly stripped naked and bent over the pervy man’s knee for a spanking. His dick is so sensitized to cruel kinky treatment that being bound and used instantly gets his prick very stiff.

His tight warm asshole is revealed and rubbed. Adrian slides a wet digit up Toby’s hole and then holds his finger up Toby’s nose so he can get a whiff of the strong animal smell of his own sphincter. He’s trussed up on a block with his bum in the air and penetrated with a dildo on a stick lubed up with his own spittle.

Leaving the dildo firmly up his hole Adrian kicks the block so it slides in as deep as possible and stretches this straight fucker’s ass wide open! Toby has no other choice than undergo the abuse. His tight boy hole gets destroyed… that’s for sure!

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Adrian abuses straight lad Toby | Breeder Fuckers
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