Fear fills the room. They hoped that the gang-blow job might satisfy their captors. But now they go for their asses.

First, they pick Jeff. The dark-colored guy seems to be the perfect start. With his cute, slim body he attracted Becko in the very beginning.

They spread his butt cheeks and spit into the virgin hole. Their greedy hands touch every muscle, every hair around his private parts.

Then a rude push, a short but loud moan, and Becko is inside. Jeff has to bend over and with pain in his face, he has to allow every soldier to go for his ass.

A long and intense fuck scenery starts. Sebastian and Ralph are tied together with ropes and unable to move while they have to watch their mate getting gang-fucked.

They think about escaping from the room but the ropes are tight and the soldiers keep their eyes on them. They feel sorry for Jeff but still, they hope that the soldiers will cum on their mate and that the torment will be over soon.

Will they leave this room straight and as ass- virgins or will they be just sluts once the soldiers are done with them? So many questions and worries.

Then Mecko approaches them putting his cock again into Ralph´s mouth. “Suck it!” and one more time they see Jeff in another painful and humiliating position. How long is this about to go on?

Then suddenly they untie the two boys and grab Sebastian. He knows what is going to happen right now. They bring him into a doggy-style position and start to fuck the humble boy fiercely.


Unfortunately, Gay War Games is no longer in business


Captured, abused and fucked by Soldiers
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