Uncut Cocks, Piss and Raw Fucking

Fresh-faced Nick Deniels proves once again why he’s such fabulously hot property by taking on the collected merits of Zac Powers, Egan Zeps and Bram Hester, turning the factory storeroom into a veritable den of debauchery in the process.

Truth is, Deniels is seemingly wired up for cock – slurping off all that man-meat like a natural, before ultimately parting his legs for a succession of fucks from his over-sexed work colleagues.

Not that he’s alone in his appetite for beefy, uncut knobs – his pals taking turns to feed off each other whilst pummelling Deniels’ hungry hole. But it’s unquestionably Deniels who remains the star of the occasion from beginning to end – his performance culminating in his demand that Powers, Zeps and Hester all piss on him.

A request that these young sex-whores are more than willing to realise, turning Deniels into a piss-sodden slut in the process. Totally filthy – and compulsive viewing!

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