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Christian Wilde fucks Trent Diesel in bondage

Sexy Christian Wilde has Trent Diesel in a cage and things are heating up. Christian rips off Trent’s clothes to reveal his rock hard body and his rock hard cock. He puts Trent’s balls in a vice to make him submit. It doesn’t take long before Trent is willing to do anything. Christian edges Trent over and over while Trent’s balls are flattened by the vice. Pissed off and in agony, Trent is thinking twice about his submission to this mad man. To get the boy back in his place, Christian suspends Trent in bondage and gives him the flogging of his life. The boy is screaming for mercy and now he deserves a hard bondage fuck and a big load of his tormentor’s cum.

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Another crazy Bound Gods live show

It’s one of the hottest days in San Francisco and we are streaming live over the internet. It’s crazy hot and I have slightly crazy dom Brenn Wyson for the live shoot. He’s a professional fighter and I never know where his wild testosterone takes him. Josh Slyman and Dylan Deap are sub for the day and awaits instructions from the viewing members in chat. Five minutes into the show and the boys are soaking wet trying to struggle in bondage.

I check in with them and both say the show must go on. Go on indeed, Brenn and I flog the boys while they are suspended and balanced on their knees. A BG first, we hang them up by their necks and ankles, and fuck them with a machine. I use the single tail on them while Brenn fucks the daylight out of them. The chat room is full and nobody wants to leave.

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Uncut Cocks, Piss and Raw Fucking

Fresh-faced Nick Deniels proves once again why he’s such fabulously hot property by taking on the collected merits of Zac Powers, Egan Zeps and Bram Hester, turning the factory storeroom into a veritable den of debauchery in the process. Truth is, Deniels is seemingly wired up for cock – slurping off all that man-meat like a natural, before ultimately parting his legs for a succession of fucks from his over-sexed work colleagues.

Not that he’s alone in his appetite for beefy, uncut knobs – his pals taking turns to feed off each other whilst pummelling Deniels’ hungry hole. But it’s unquestionably Deniels who remains the star of the occasion from beginning to end – his performance culminating in his demand that Powers, Zeps and Hester all piss on him. A request that these young sex-whores are more than willing to realise, turning Deniels into a piss-sodden slut in the process. Totally filthy – and compulsive viewing!

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Extreme deep throat fucking

Cage fighter Jon has a bout scheduled for later in the week and is training on the punch bag with Master Mo. A wimpy looking college boi has turned up after cruising outside a cinema earlier that day, looking for men’s cocks to suck on. His luck was in and Master Mo invited him to visit. Now here he is looking at not one but two hard tops who he hopes will fuck him.

Mo takes the belt and wraps it tightly around boi’s throat making his head go beet-red. He must then use his teeth to pull down Master Jon’s shorts. Maurice then pulls his mouth open while Jon fucks his throat causing college boi to choke and gag painfully but the tops continue regardless. Boi’s throat is pummelled so much that he regurgitates.

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Gianni Luca vs Phenix Saint

Hanging by his wrists, Gianni Luca is waiting in agony for his dom to arrive. Phenix Saint is a no nonsense dom and he gets off on tormenting his sub. He shocks Gianni with electricity to see if this boy can take it. To his delight, Phenix hears Gianni’s screams but the boy begs for more. Gianni is made to suck Phenix’s electrified cock.

With a rope to his head, Gianni takes a hard flogging. For his torment, he is rewarded with an even harder suspension bondage fuck. The boy is used up and spent but he doesn’t want to leave his subspace.

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